Group Program

The Harvey Company,(THC) has created a Safety Group Insurance Program that includes:

  1. General Liability & Property Coverage
  2. Business Automobile Liability
  3. Errors & Omissions – Professional Liability
  4. Workers’ Compensation & Employers Liability
  5. Employee Benefits – Health, Life, Dental, Vision and Disability

THC is the Managing General Agent and Program Manager which means we operate as a Broker to better serve you. You now have one point of contact for all of your insurance needs. The collective buying power of BSC enables THC to negotiate the best possible coverage and price with “A” rated insurance companies.

What can THC do for me that my current insurance program cannot do?

THC can create buying power, thus reducing premiums and optimizing coverage’s. In addition, THC can negotiate reduced premium based on favorable loss experience. When your current agent secures insurance for your company they have the buying power of one (1). When THC markets your applications to various insurance companies we represent the buying power of all many. We negotiate your insurance premiums by utilizing a combined premium larger than you can do individually.

Does your current insurance company reduce your premium when there are no claims or losses made against this insurance?

Answer: No

The foundation of this Program is to amass the collective buying power and use this buying power to negotiate premium credits based on the pooled premiums and losses. If the premiums exceed the losses, then we want the insurance company to return a portion of the premium to you.

The objective of this Program is to offer the most comprehensive coverage at affordable prices and establish financial rewards to the participants. All of this is possible, but it cannot happen without your participation. This Program is intended to work for you, the client.

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